Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So It’s A Done Deal?

Yesterday I made a mistake. I wrote that Clemson was a “done deal” to the Big 12 and although it may be a matter of semantics my friend at WVU took issue with my choice of words.

“It is not a done deal,” he said. “An agreement in principal is not a done deal.”

“Until the contract is signed and the press conference is over it’s not a done deal” he continued.

So I asked exactly “what” it was.

Clemson and the Big 12 have exchanged financial information, projected schedules and revenue estimates.  They have reached an agreement on all substantial issues.

Clemson wants the Big 12 and the Big 12 wants Clemson, but the process must play out.

The Tigers are waiting patiently for the FSU endgame and the ACC’s reaction. They’re content to let the Seminoles be the icebreaker and blaze the way out of the beleaguered conference.

It’s expected that the Big 12  will discuss both Clemson and FSU in the next league meeting and there’s a belief that the Big 12 will invite FSU and Clemson to become the 11th and 12th members.

At that point the “done deal” becomes a matter of signing the paperwork and holding the press conference.

It is believed FSU’s move to the Big 12 is inevitable. They’ve made statements that ruffled feathers at Duke and UNC and made every football-centric member nervous. They’ve made their distrust of the conference known and stated their disgust with the ACC TV contract.

FSU is much closer to the mythical “done deal” than Clemson but the Tigers are willing to follow in their footprints.


  1. Dude, I think what makes you a lightening rod is your definitive statements. Most of us are accustom to reporters who speak in vague conjecture and always place an "out-clause" so not to be labeled wrong. Agree or disagree with you, I appreciate your willingness to let it all hang out in the wind.

    I for one hope your right; I am enjoying the conference realignment discussion post-spring practice and like any good soap opera or TV drama you keep me wanting more. Time will be judge and jury but for now this is a fun ride.

  2. Dave,

    I would say I used a poor choice of words. Worlds selected for brevity rather than accuracy. I wont make that mistake again.

  3. So its a "done deal?". Offers on the table, but you ponder if Big XII would take GT over Clemson? You don't see a problem with this kind of reporting? And how do you explain that FSU is closer to a "done deal" when Clemson has "reached a deal"? I was with you a couple of days ago and believed some of the things you said, but now you're becoming confusing. No wonder you're right a lot. You just put 20 possible scenarios on the table. One of them has to be right.

  4. Tiger. Peace brother. I still believe Clemson is the one and I've said clearly no one has told me otherwise. FSU and Clemson are linked. The real question is does the Big 12 stop at 12 or go to 14 or 16? I think ND is a pipedream and the Big 12 knows it. The only complication is the ACC TV contract has other ACC schools (VPI, Maryland, and GT) all lining up to talk to the Big 12. I can't see GT going to the Big 12 really and they've said "no, no and hell no" when contacted. I'm sorry I confused you. The important thing to take away is that an agreement has been reached but the process has to play out.

    1. Any timetable? I'm tired of speculating...

  5. I think the process is like this:

    Bowlsby comes on as commish.
    Expansion committee recommends FSU & CU
    Vote to accept application.

    After Big 12 meetings and BCS vote.

  6. Interesting stuff Dude I hope all your information soon becomes a reality. Also keep in mind the ACC has a deadline of August 15th for schools announcing their departure of the conference so if all this is true it will most likely play out before then...GO TIGERS!

  7. 8/15 is the hard deadline for 2013 but WVU has shown you can get out if you really want out. I say all this is done by July 31st. One way or the other.