Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Intentional Deceit of PossumPete

“If the traveling salesman comes to town and sells a passel of snake oil, sleeps with your daughter and knocks up your cow, you can bet he was up to no good.”

The Big East was doomed.

And in the state of West Virginia, the crown jewel of Big East football, the people were in a state of panic.

They understood what the death of the Big East meant for the West Virginia program – a slow slide into obscurity.

Down south PossumPete saw an opportunity. He saw a entire state of football crazy fans hungry for information.

PossumPete was smart possum and did his research. He read the Mountaineer message boards. He scanned #WVU hastag on twitter. He saw the Mountaineer fan’s desire to be in the SEC and took advantage of their fear.

He knew they feared being left out. He knew they expected to be left out, and he knew he could make a profit on that fear.

So he started to lie and pander. His “SEC sources “ told him WVU was the choice not Missouri. He tweeted, and he tweeted, and he tweeted – WVU was 14.

And when it was clear that WVU was not 14 he calmly changed his story.

WVU was not 14, but wait they were 15!

His SEC sources told him of plans to add WVU and FSU. The SEC would soon be at 16!

They assured PossumPete that the deal was done and the only delay was the gentleman’s agreement between the SEC and ACC. The ACC would be allowed to find a replacement for FSU before making the announcement.

When confronted about the absurdity of his information PossumPete lashed out and called his critics flip-floppers. Having no defense for his bogus information he did the only thing he could do. He went on the attack.

PossumPete said WVU impatient. He said his sources were astounded!

He did everything but admit he was wrong.

But he was more than wrong.

He was lying.

Lets look at his Tweets.

All of these Tweets are from October 24th, 2011 to the present day.

Still waiting on Mizzou, but smart money says yes. RT @DubVii Can we safely predict that #UL not #WVU will join B12 in the next two weeks?

PossumePete’s sources tell him Louisville to the Big 12. Funny how everyone was saying that  on Oct. 22.

Talked to my guy. No news yet, but he did confirm that while WVU might have B12 invite, Louisville would get the nod (better fit for sports)

Great insight by Possum’s source. WVU had actually been speaking to the Big 12 since Oct. 7th and finalized an agreement to join the Big 12 on Oct. 21.

My guy is still solid on #WVU being #15 or #16 in SEC. Slive still has gag order in on ALL schools/staffs for leaks/rumors.

His source again was wrong.  WVU had not been talking to the SEC for over two weeks and had accepted a Big 12 bid already.

I'm seeing more and more people on Twitter reporting that WVU is going to the Big 12. #WhoaNotSoFastNelly

Here PossumPete tries to counter the growing knowledge that WVU is in the Big 12. He just can’t let his deception go.

#WVU 'Eers, y'all need to be hoping that Louisville gets the invite (and accepts). Trust me on this one. #WVUWillBeFine

This tweet was beyond comprehension and spurred me to write this story. The conceit and either stupidity or foolishness of this statement angered me and it angered many WVU fans.

Keep beating the SEC drum, guys. It definitely ain't over.

This tweet came the Oct. 26th after the press conference WVU planned to announce its Big 12 membership was canceled. PossumPete uses the opportunity to continue to assert he is right.

Nothing that I haven't said before. SEC wants WVU as #15, plain and simple. WVU panicked a little too soon. @Eerfan64Mike care to elaborate?

This tweet came after it was confirmed WVU would be in the Big 12. Notice how he deflects his complete and utter inaccuracy and blames WVU.  WVU spoke to the Big 12 before accepting the Big 12’s offer and was told they were not in the SEC’s plans. PossumPete’s sources apparently knew something Mike Slive and WVU didn’t.

#Big12 is cooling on #WVU, heating up on #Louisville. #SEC interest in #WVU has never waned, just needed #Mizzou to fall into place first.

If you ever needed any proof that PossumPete was simply making stuff up this one is it. The SEC had told WVU it had no interest and the Big 12 had offered.

Yep, and #Cincy too! #Rutgers, #Uconn, #USF to ACC. #Mizzou, #WVU, #FSU to SEC. @erikmorgan Does L'ville head to B12 in your scenarios?

PossumPete continues to dig his own grave and he continues to lie. Here he gives false hope to other Big East schools.

WVU's SEC invite is not a matter of "if", but "which #". @Green6315 Mizzou like that girl that doesnt want to give it up #putoutorgetout

PossumPete’s insistence that  the SEC wants WVU is quickly become pathetic.  He continues to insist, despite everything – that WVU is in the SEC.

If Mizzou misses deadline, WVU to SEC; SEC holds at 14 for now. If Mizzou makes it, SEC will stagger announcements, but WVU should be in.

What makes you think that already hasn't been done? RT @WVUBummy then why doesn't the SEC Brass (Slive) let WVU officials in on the plan

Since so many of you asked, I believe #Mizzou's deadline is Monday. Deaton leaves on Int'l trip on Tuesday. Yes, I still believe #WVU2SEC.

These three tweets are more fantasy. Missouri, as we all know by now, didn’t have a deadline. But he insists WVU would be in even if Missouri goes. Why to cover your lies Possum. Notice how he says Slive let WVU know about the SEC’s expansion plans. Remember that one.

Got off the phone with my source about a half hour ago. WVU's move even caught him & my other guys by surprise. #COMPLETELackOfPatience. :(

This was Possum’s last tweet after WVU was announced to Big 12. Notice again how he deflects the blame to WVU?

PossumPete was lying. He didn’t have any sources feeding him information about WVU to the SEC. How could he? Not one of his predictions based on information given to him by his sources actually happened.

In one tweet he says Slive let WVU know about the SEC’s plan to expand to 16 but then he says WVU’s move caught his sources by surprise and was due to a lack of patience.

How stupid does he think we are? Does PossumPete really think that WVU would pass up a bid to the SEC for the Big 12? That’s what he expects us to believe. He’s said so in his tweets.

He’s on record as saying the SEC would expand to 16, that Slive told WVU they were expanding to 16 and that WVU got impatient and signed with the Big 12.

Now really PossumPete do you think we just fell off the turnip truck?

No doubt PossumPete  will counter with some excuse, some myth about the SEC, but his record is there for everyone to see.

So the next time the snake-oil salesman rolls into town with information that’s too good to be true remember this tale of PossumPete and send him down the road. 

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  1. So now that WVU plans to sue its way out of the BE, does that mean they will get full share in the Big 12 now? on aside note, thought it was pretty sneaky that WVU said since Johnny Mar cashed the check, with the letter that said we're out next year, he agreed to those terms!! Pretty sneaky Mr Luck!